Taj Mahal – The Other Story

Agra was the resplendent capital of the Mughal Empire and 27% of the worlds GDP at that time came from India , A large part of that from the pinnacle of the Mughals. The banks of Yamuna river had 58 (the number varies) river gardens and homes, sort of the “BILLIONAIRES ROW” of the time.

This site was the garden of Maharaja of Jaipur – An ally to the Mughals from whom emperor Shahjahan bought the land in- order to build the great mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, according to timurid tradition the land for such a mausoleum could not be seized, but had to be acquired correctly and so it was. Records of this incredible monument of love having its own source of revenue, its own fort, with a navy and dedicated military force along with a commander are known. A reflective garden across the river where the emperor visited regularly led to rumours of a Black Taj Mahal being planned- We don’t believe that to be true. What may not be known is that Taj Mahal complex was at times a dormitory, was almost never approached by the emperor through land route and it also played host to orchestra parties during the British Raj.! Lovers have been caught in the act here with tragic outcomes as have those who drank too much wine and fell of the high platform and then, there is the Red Taj Mahal “From Her To Him” – Who Knew.?!

Let us share with you the other history of Taj Mahal when you come to India. This gleaming white marble monument has many colourful stories to share.