A Summer Evening

As the scorching heat begins to cast its fiercest rays, the human body craves some flavourful hydration and that is why @ambertours brings you tales of cherished memories from every Indian household and centuries-old culture to soothe and counter the effects of summer heat. From Rooh Afza to Khus, or Bel (Wood Apple), different types of jewel-toned and chilled sharbats have entrenched themselves in the consciousness of India, becoming a household beloved at the same time a customary offering to guests during summers. With the fragrances of its sweetness and the brilliance of its old recipe that remains unchanged, healthy and simply irresistible. Gathering friends and family on an open veranda in summer evenings, where they share stories, plan their next vacation, occasional politics and stock market talks – A short interlude in an otherwise hard working day and the joys of slurping in equal enthusiasm by both five and 70-year-olds. There’s not enough we can say about these summer chillers but can try to word their popularity among the people of India making it a perfect blend of an experience unlike any other.

Visiting Rajasthan during summers, you will be welcomed with these traditional drinks – Sheer ambrosia as each sip slowly inexplicably chills the whole body providing respite from intense heat.!

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