Project ‘Avirita’

The last two years since the Pandemic began apart from travelling through India, I have spent this time doing something that I love, sourcing for our new Project ‘Avirita’ which eventually will be a collection of warm, stylishly Indian home stays and that helped me work and meet some of the most amazing textile, carpets, furniture designers as well as artists and collectors.

The talent that we have in this country is amazing and specially most of these designers work with local artisans and have a fabulous outreach program as well as are sustainable all of which matches my personal mantra.

I found wonderful pieces and also had an amazing time in the cities we travelled to meeting these people, visiting their factories or ateliers and now want to share this experience with guests who May be looking to create an Indian inspired home or space.

Please do write to me with your wish list and I would need about 10 days minimum to cover the basic and most essential. Join me in introducing you to some of the finest people and craftsmen in India.

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